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  • Spatial Analysis

    GIS/Data Visualization

    Spatial Analysis

    AECOM Burlington's spatial analysis services help to discover complex attributes and relationships within project sites. Our spatial decision support systems utilize environmental features such as ground slope, water proximity, and soil arability to predict where pre-contact settlements may have existed. These predictive modeling studies are extremely helpful in focusing our areas of interest prior to field work. Viewshed analysis can be used to help reduce our research area size when determing visual impact of proposed projects upon historic sites.

    Regardless of the technique, spatial analysis provides a detailed look at relationships and patterns that would otherwise be difficult to discern. Like all of our GIS and Data Visualization services, final datasets can be output in a variety of formats. High-resolution report graphics, accurate field maps, or even 3D models can be produced as needed.

    Our GIS spatial analysis services include:

    • Viewshed analysis
    • Predictive modeling
    • Geovisualization
    • Spatial interpolation
    • 3D model generation
    • Spatial interaction simulation