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  • Archaeology: Cemetery



    AECOM Burlington's scope of services also includes cemetery/bioarchaeological investigations, and our firm maintains senior staff skilled in the excavation, recovery, and analysis of human osteological remains, including those associated with both historic and prehistoric Native American burying grounds. AECOM staff members are thoroughly familiar with a wide range of local and state regulations regarding the relocation of human remains, are extremely experienced in the process and protocols of cemetery excavation, and are actively involved in the preservation and archaeological communities.

    Over the past ten years AECOM archaeologists have completed or consulted on more than a dozen local projects involving cemetery related components. These projects were performed for a variety of both public and private institutions and involved the identification, exhumation, documentation, analysis, and relocation of grave clusters consisting of anywhere from 50 to more than 400 individuals, and ranging in age from the 18th through the 20th centuries. These projects also involved the recovery, identification, and analysis of all associated funerary artifacts, such as coffin furniture and interred personal objects.

    Our cemetery/bioarchaeological services include:

    • Historic background research of primary and secondary documents
    • Advice and on-site consultancy
    • Ground-penetrating radar
    • Delineation of cemetery boundaries
    • Photo and written documentation of gravestones prior to removal
    • Identification of marked and unmarked grave locations (without disturbing burials)
    • Mapping
    • Excavation of human skeletal remains and associated artifacts (funerary items)
    • Analysis of human remains (on-site and/or laboratory)
    • Reinterment of the human remains and personal effects
    • Documentation and report writing