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    About AECOM Burlington

    AECOM Burlington's current staff of 140 employees is comprised of professionally trained prehistoric and historic archaeologists, architectural historians, historians, material culture specialists, and historic preservation planners (all of whom meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Professional Qualifications), as well as field and laboratory technicians, graphics specialists, and production support staff. Senior staff members have an average of 20 years’ experience in their respective fields. AECOM's team of archaeologists, architectural historians, and historians have the expertise to respond effectively to the continuously changing challenges involved in documenting and preserving our nation's heritage.


    Steve Tull

    Vice President, Philadelphia Metro, Design and Consulting Services Group (DCS)


    AECOM Burlington conducts studies for projects involving transportation improvements, installation of aboveground and underground utilities, construction of industrial and institutional facilities, and commercial and residential development. We also specialize in developing and implementing extensive public-outreach programs in support of these projects to increase awareness and stewardship in historic preservation. AECOM is committed to community involvement and is particularly sensitive to the needs of culturally diverse, transitional, and traditional communities. Staff members also have extensive experience dealing directly with state and federal agencies, and several staff members have worked for state historic preservation offices, state departments of transportation, and federal agencies throughout the Eastern United States.